Leah Dabney

Leah has been been part of the Rose Massage Therapy team since May of 2012.  She is registered and insured through the State of Colorado and graduated from Intellitec's School of Massage Therapy in 2009. Leah is a terrific and capable therapist who enjoys prenatal sessions and working on clients with neck pain and dysfunction. We are very lucky to have her.

Amy Rose

is the owner and founder of Rose Massage Therapy and has been a registered and certified neuromuscular therapist since 2009. She attended Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy in Colorado Springs and also has degrees in business management and a Masters in Nursing. Amy stepped away from hands on massage practice in 2015 to focus on her family and her nursing career at a local Hospice.  If you have any questions or concerns about any practices or therapists associated with Rose Massage Therapy please feel free to contact Amy at 719-821-0377. 

 Helen Lee

Helen started working at Rose Massage in 2015 before moving to Phoenix in 2019. She has now moved back to our community and we are excited to have her rejoin the team and bring over 19 years of experience back to our service!  Helen graduated from Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy in 2001 and has extensive knowledge in Neuromuscular (NMT), Trigger Point, and Swedish techniques to offer relief from chronic muscle tension and pain, or put you in the relaxation zone for relief from the daily stress of life.

Meredith Peterson

Meredith joined Rose Massage Therapy in October 2014.  She is a graduate of Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy and is registered and insured through the State of Colorado.  Meredith is knowledgeable and experienced in Trigger Point, NMT and Swedish techniques and loves working on tough therapy cases including headache/migraine sufferers, TMJ disorders, Fibromyalgia and other chronic concerns.  She also enjoys providing prenatal and soothing massages for daily stress.  She is very busy so availability is limited, but if you can get a place on her schedule you won't be sorry!  

 Kristi Farmer

Kristi joined the team in late 2017 and brought a unique new skill set to our office.  She is registered and insured through the State of Colorado and graduated from Collinson's School of Therapeutics and Massage in 1996, where she went on to teach massage and Reiki. She has additional education in reflexology and cupping.  Prior to joining the Rose Massage Therapy team, Kristi worked as a massage therapist and educator at Veda Salon and Spa.

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