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What We Do

Helen Lee, CNMT

Together we believe in the healing power of touch and the vast impact touch has on our everyday lives. We as humans were born to be nurtured, hugged, and healed by one another. We strive through this massage practice to give each and every one of our clients a good balance of relaxation, education about their bodies, and therapy to help maintain good body function. Every single one of our massages is different and is changed to best meet the needs of each client.  A combination of therapies will be used at each session, there is no price difference between deep tissue, swedish, or sports massage sessions, your therapist will work with you on whatever areas at whatever pressure you want and need.  Hot Stone massage is also available upon request. 

Leah Wilson, LMT

Kristi Farmer, LMT

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Meredith Peterson, CNMT

Amy Rose, RN, CNMT - Owner

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